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LP Environmental is owned and managed by Luke Patterson.  Luke is a Professional Engineer and has performed environmental work in almost every state.

At LP Environmental, he is responsible for soil and groundwater remediation projects; Underground Storage Tank investigations and remediation; and Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), inspections, and audits for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.  He is also responsible environmental engineering projects at commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities; UST Trust Fund Releases and Management; soil testing for potential releases; monitoring well, observation well, and recovery well installations; routine and non-routine site sampling; soil/groundwater remedial design and installation; and management of multiple remediation sites.

Before opening LP Environmental, Luke worked at 2 other environmental companies in Nashville, TN.  He was a Project Manager and Project Engineer for Aquaeter where he managed soil and groundwater investigations, ESAs, water quality modeling and field data collection, and wastewater discharge modeling of industrial discharges.  While at Aquaeter, Luke invented and co-patented a groundwater remediation technology for cleanup of gas/diesel, drycleaner/solvent, and creosote related compounds.  Next he was the Remediation Department Engineer and Project Manager at Alley & Associates where he was responsible for department, project, and client management, ESAs and compliance audits, design/install of soil and groundwater remediation systems, water and wastewater sampling/compliance/design, UST investigations/remediation, and stormwater/spill plan management.

Luke has a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from UT-Knoxville.  Prior to entering the environmental industry, Luke spent a year working in the process engineering group at Allied-Signal chemical manufacturing company in Richmond, Virginia that manufactured Nylon-6 fiber from raw chemicals.  Luke completed the Princeton environmental groundwater pollution and hydrology course; several EPA and State courses in groundwater modeling, remediation, and vacuum remediation; and maintains OSHA-hazardous waste and response certifications.  He is 1 of the 6 Board Members on the NSPE Board of Ethical Review (2012 to 2018) and was the Vice-President and Charter Officer for the Engineers without Borders Nashville Chapter.

He is from the Nashville area and is married with 2 kids.

LP Environmental is a small business that was founded in 2009.  We have been blessed to have great clients and friends that continue to bless us today.

We dedicate our business to being efficient and effective for our clients and friends.  We just hope you worry a little less once you hire us!

If you have an industrial or commercial site, permit or environmental plan needs, soil or groundwater contamination, or an environmental assessment need and you think you would be a good fit for a company like ours, then we are always looking for new relationships with new clients.