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These are different terms for the same type of remediation technology.  They rely on vacuum extraction of impacted groundwater, free-product, and vapor phase hydrocarbons from gas/diesel releases as well as other petroleum impacts.

You might prefer this method of remediation compared to a permanent system since it is less intrusive and typically less expensive.

You might be trying to size a permanent system at your site and you want to test vacuum, vapor flow, and extraction rates.

LP Environmental has performed hundreds of high vacuum extraction events.

  • 2 hour events
  • 8 hour events
  • 12 hours events
  • 24 hours events
  • 48+ hour events

Our remediation system uses the following equipment:

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump System

  • 400 CFM
  • Up to 27" Hg continuous vacuum
  • Powered by 42 hp diesel engine
  • Capable of manifolding up to 5+ wells simultaneously
  • Trailer-mounted (small footprint fits on the small gas stations)
  • 100% manned (no off-site or unmanned monitoring)
  • 80-gallon steel knockout tank with primary shut-off
    • XP float switch with transfer relays
  • Continuous operation for duration of event
  • 20-gallon steel secondary shut-off
  • 10-gallon steel pump pre-filter
  • 10-gallon steel oil catchment/muffler
  • Vacuum and pressure relieve trees with redundancy
  • High temperature shut-off controls
  • Operator control panel with E-stops
  • TEFC transfer pums capable of handling gas or diesel product
  • Up to 5,000-gallon storage tanks
  • Disposal included as part of our package
  • Dual Phase Remediation
  • Vacuum Truck Events
  • Mobile High Vacuum Multi-Phase Extraction
  • Mobile Enhanced Multi-Phase Extraction
  • High Vacuum Recovery
  • Mobile Vac Events